Performance Probe Inventory

The Performance Probe Inventory page lets you view and manage your inventory of VirtualWisdom hardware probes.

  1. To access your hardware probe inventory, select Performance Probe Inventory from the Probes and Integrations section on the Settings page.

  2. A list of hardware probes is displayed.

    You can use the search field to find a specific probe, sort the list by any of the fields, view licensing information, download logs, add a new probe, or bulk edit.

  3. Drill down to view probe configuration details.


Viewing Probe Licenses

Click the License Summary link to view a summary of all hardware probe licenses available on your system.


A summary of all hardware probe licenses is displayed.



Each license type (wiredata, storage, OS, etc.), is associated with a WisdomPack License. You can view information about each WisdomPack License, such as number and types of licenses, as well as expiration dates, by accessing the Licensing page.