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Password Policy

IPM provides parameters to control your password policy. You can choose from the following options:

Table 40. Password Policy Settings



Password length

Minimum password length: 1 - 15 characters

Password repetition

Whether passwords must be different from previous passwords: 1-5 previous passwords

Require uppercase letter

Whether at least one uppercase character is required

Require lowercase letter

Whether at least one lowercase character is required

Require numeric character

Whether at least one numeric character is required

Require special character

Whether at least one special character is required

Password expiry

Password expiration: 1-24 months

Limit failed login attempts

Limit number of failed login attempts: 2-5 attempts

Idle User Timeout

Idle user timeout in minutes: 6-1440 min; the default is 60 min. This is a global setting, unless overridden on a per-user basis.

An administrator can override this setting for any user from Settings > User Management > Users, Roles and Groups.


IPM Password Policy configuration can be lost after a restore operation. This can cause the Management UI to fail to authenticate and display a blank gray screen. After performing a restore, reconfigure the Password Policy from the IPM Settings screen. Be sure to save it, even if it already looks correct.

Specify a Password Policy

  1. From the Settings tab, click Password Policy under the User Management section.

  2. Choose your preferred settings and click Save.