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Overview Page

The Overview page is accessed in the Cloud Cost Management (CCM) (CCM) section of the Virtana Platform console. From this page you can analyze your Google Cloud bill. You can easily compare your cloud costs for the current month and previous months, back to 13 months prior.


Support for GCP is currently an Early Access feature. It is available to all Virtana Cloud Cost Management customers. Contact your Account Representative or to enable GCP for your account.

You can view the Overview dashboard for one cloud provider at a time. The Cloud picker allows you to select which CSP's data to view.

The monthly Cost widget compares the current month's total cost to the previous month's total cost.


The Cost Trend bar chart provides a visual comparison of monthly costs and the average monthly cost. Move your cursor over any bar in the chart to see a popup showing total cost and cost delta.


Due to chart scaling, some data might not display in the chart. If you don't see data in the chart that you expect to see, use the legend under the chart to filter the data.

On the monthly Cost widget, you can click Show More to display further bill analysis details. On the Bill Analysis fly-out page you can change which cloud provider you are viewing and you can group costs by service or by project. You can also select from a list of preset time ranges, to display data for up to 13 previous months. These options only apply to this details page, so they will not be retained when you return to the main Overview page.


Move your cursor over any column in the chart to see a popup with details. Use the Actions (hamburger) menu for view, print, and download options.

Click on any month in the cost trend chart to open Bill Analysis details for that month. You can view the data grouped by service or project, and by month, quarter, or year to date.

In the Bill Analysis details, move your cursor over any bar in the chart to see details about the service or account. These details include Cost Delta (previous period to current date), Current Period, Previous Period to Date, and Previous Period Total.

The bill analysis data is also presented in a table format with the following details:

  • Service type

  • Cloud type

  • Current period total cost

  • Cost from previous period to date

  • Cost delta from previous month to current month

  • Delta percent

  • Previous period total cost

The table can be reordered by clicking on most column headers.


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