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Overview Dashboard

The Overview dashboard is accessed in the Cloud Cost Management (CCM) section of the Virtana Platform console. Using various filtering options, you can segment your cloud environment so you can view only the subset of cloud spend relevant to a specific application, business unit, etc.

You can also analyze costs in multiple dimensions. Easily compare your cloud costs for the current month and previous months, as well as identify whether costs are trending up or down.


Support for GCP is currently an Early Access feature. It is available to all Virtana Cloud Cost Management customers. Contact your Account Representative or to enable GCP for your account.

Summary area

The Summary area of the Overview dashboard page provides an overall view of your cloud costs. There are various ways that you can filter the data you are viewing.

The Cloud selector on the Overview dashboard allows you to choose one or more cloud providers. Data displayed in the Summary will change to reflect which cloud providers are selected.


Monthly Cost Card

The <Month> Cost card compares the current month's cost-to-date with the same time period for the previous month. It also displays the projected total spend for the current month. You can view more detail about the current month costs by clicking Show More.


Cost Trend Chart

The Cost Trend bar chart provides a visual comparison of monthly costs and the average monthly cost, as well as projected total cost for the current month. Move your cursor over any bar in the chart to see a popup showing the numbers for total cost, cost delta, and projected cost.

You can zoom in on a section of the chart by clicking and dragging your cursor across an area of the chart. A "reset zoom" popup allows you to return to the standard display.


Due to chart scaling, some data might not display in the chart when the data point is too small. If you don't see data in the chart that you expect to see, use the legend under the chart to filter the data.

Cost Details

The Cost by cards provide a breakdown of cloud cost based on various groupings, such as business unit, application, service, or account. They display the top 5 resources by cost.


To display cost data for Business Unit and Application, you must configure the Resource Groups under Settings>Policies. Data on other widgets will display automatically.

The information provided on each card includes the name or type of resource, the month-to-date cost per resource, and cost trend. Cost trend indicates whether costs are trending up or down compared to the previous month. A green down arrow indicates costs have decreased, while a red up arrow indicates increasing costs.

Clicking Show More on any card opens a Bill Analysis page with further details.


Bill Analysis Side Panel

From the Overview dashboard you can click Show More on any card widget to access a side panel with more detail. On the Bill Analysis fly-out side panel you can choose different filtering options using Cloud and Group Costs by selectors. These selectors provide a way to adjust the report data to get a more precise view of your costs.

You can also use the time range selector to choose from a list of time ranges or set a custom date range. The report can display data for up to 13 previous months.

These filters and selections are not persistent. Additionally, they do not impact the filters set on the main Overview dashboard.


The Bill Analysis panel displays data in both a chart and a table. In the bar chart, move your cursor over any bar to see a popup with details. These details include Cost Delta (previous period to current date), Current Period, Previous Period to Date, and Previous Period Total. You can also use the Actions (hamburger) menu for view, print, and download options.

You can zoom in on a section of the chart by clicking and dragging your cursor across an area of the chart. A "reset zoom" popup allows you to return to the standard display.

The bill analysis data is presented in a table format with the following details:

  • Service type

  • Cloud type

  • Entity Count

  • Current Period total cost

  • Cost from Previous Period to Date

  • Cost Delta from previous month to current month

  • Delta %

  • Previous Period Total cost

The table can be reordered by clicking on most column headers.

Screenshot of the details table on the Bill Analysis page

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