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The Dell EMCTM IsilonTM Integration allows Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) to discover and collect information about entities in your Isilon environment. The integration discovers clusters, nodes, users, external ports that connect to clients, internal ports used for intranode communication, and power supplies. The relationships between them are identified and metrics are collected for them.

This integration provides you with greater insight into your scale-out storage array, enabling organizations to align infrastructure service delivery to the needs of applications. The Isilon Integration also offers problem resolution, and it includes enhanced Capacity Forecast and Trend Matcher analytics to provide Isilon-specific analysis.

Other aspects of the Isilon Integration:

  • High resolution: Allows aggregation and reporting on data at 10 second intervals.

  • Fine-grained reporting: Tracks multiple protocol metrics at the conversation level, including to the level of an IP address or logged in user.

  • Scalable: Supports monitoring multiple large scale clusters in one IPM instance.

The Isilon Integration can traverse the connections in a Dell EMC Isilon environment and discover the entity types and relationship types identified in the following image: