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IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) Integration allows to discover and collect information about entities in your SVC environment, such as IO groups, storage volumes, etc., and the relationships between them. This integration provides you with greater insight into your storage virtualizer environment, enabling organizations to align infrastructure service delivery to the needs of applications. The SVC Integration also offers problem resolution using real-time performance information.

The SVC Integration can traverse the connections in an IBM SVC environment and discover the entity types and relationship types identified in the following image:


One node in the IBM SVC environment is designated by the cluster as the configuration node. The SVC Integration gathers information about the SVC environment from that configuration node. Changes in the IBM SVC environment are not reflected in the SVC Integration until the next discovery by the integration.

For information about SVC, see the IBM Knowledge Center and the IBM Redbook, Implementing the IBM SAN Volume Controller and FlashSystem 820