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Organizations in Virtana Platform

An organization typically represents a company for which specific workloads are grouped for migration or optimization. With a Virtana Platform Enterprise account, an organization can also contain subordinate organizations (sub-orgs) and departments.

In the Workload Placement module, projects belong to organizations or sub-orgs. Project workloads can only be uploaded to a single organization or sub-org.

In Cloud Cost Management (CCM), reports, billing, and recommendations are all provided on a per-organization basis.


If working in Workload Placement, carefully consider the relationships of organizations, including sub-orgs, and the project files you will upload to them. Projects cannot be moved between organizations. You would have to delete the project and any work done on it, and then create a new project using the original archive file.

An organization is created at the time your Virtana Platform account is set up. Sub-orgs can be created at any time. However, all organizations and sub-orgs are created by Virtana.

When an organization is created, an initial administrator must be designated for the account. With a Virtana Enterprise account, users can belong to more than one organization, but the initial administrator for any organization must be added individually by Virtana. Thereafter, additional users, including more administrators, can be added by any administrator.

Users are invited to Virtana Platform per organization. This applies to both Workload Placement and CCM.

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