Organizations in Virtana Platform

An organization typically represents a company or a department of a company for which specific workloads will be grouped for migration or optimization.

In the Migrate module, projects belong to organizations. Project workloads should only be uploaded to a single organization to avoid conflicts.


Carefully consider the relationships of organizations and the project files you will upload to the organizations. Projects cannot be moved between organizations. You would have to delete the project and any work done on it, and then create a new project using the original archive file.

For Trial and Pro licenses, only one organization is created. This organization is created at the time the account is set up, with an initial administrator designated for the account. Additional users, including more administrators, can be added by any administrator.

For Enterprise licenses, multiple organizations can be created. However, you must have the proper permissions in the Virtana Platform to create an organization. These organizations can be configured individually or in parent-child relationships. The hierarchical parent-child configurations are useful in multi-tenant environments. Organizations are created from a dropdown menu on the title bar.

Users are invited to Virtana Platform per organization. This applies to both Migrate and Optimize. With an enterprise account, users can belong to more than one organization, but they need to be added to each organization separately by an administrator.

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