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Organizations in Reseller or MSP Accounts

In addition to the features of a standard organization in Virtana Platform, an organization configured for a reseller or managed service provider (MSP) account can have additional capabilities. A reseller or MSP account is any account with a Pro license that has additional features activated by Virtana for an MSP or a reseller.

Each MSP or reseller account has a primary "parent" organization associated with it. Each parent organization can have child subordinate organizations (sub-orgs). The sub-orgs can be assigned to customers of an MSP or reseller. All organizations, including sub-orgs, are created by Virtana and require a Salesforce ID.

For MSP partner accounts, the parent organization is directly linked to a Salesforce account. Customer sub-org accounts are linked to the MSP partner account using the Salesforce IDs. The customer accounts consume licenses from the MSP.

For reseller partner accounts, the child sub-orgs consume their own independent licenses. Each sub-org requires a Salesforce ID and is assigned to a customer account.

Each sub-org has its own user database, so a user cannot access "sibling" organizations unless the user is specifically invited to the sibling organizations. The primary account administrator controls access to each sub-org account and can permit or refuse customer access to a sub-org. Users in the parent organization can access the associated sub-orgs, with privileges dependent on the role assigned to the user.

An administrator assigned to a child sub-org can run a license report for the child sub-org. An administrator of a parent organization can run a license report for the parent and any child sub-orgs.

As a reseller or MSP, you can rebrand any of your organizations in Virtana Platform. See White Labeling Virtana Platform for more information.