OpsGenie Notifications


  1. Create a CloudWisdom Integration Within OpsGenie

    1. Log in to your OpsGenie account.

    2. Under Integrations, select Metricly.

    3. Copy the API key provided on this page to your clipboard. You will use this to set up a new OpsGenie notification in CloudWisdom.

    4. Leave the Teams and Recipients fields as {{teams}} and {{recipients}}, respectively.

  2. Link the Integration to CloudWisdom

    1. In CloudWisdom, navigate to User Settings > Notifications.

    2. Click OpsGenie > Add OpsGenie and type a name for the OpsGenie notification.

    3. Ensure the Enabled checkbox is selected.

    4. For API Key, paste the API key you copied from your CloudWisdom Integration in OpsGenie in step 3 of Part 1.

    5. For Description, add a description of the notification.

    6. For Teams, type a comma-separated list of any OpsGenie teams that should receive notifications.

    7. For Recipients, type a comma-separated list of any OpsGenie recipients that should receive notifications.


      If you include no teams or recipients, and when setting up a CloudWisdom Integration in OpsGenie, left the Teams and Recipients fields as {{teams}} and {{recipients}}, no parties will receive notifications for this policy. However, an alert will still appear in OpsGenie when an alert for this policy is generated in CloudWisdom.

    8. For Tags, type a comma-separated list of any tags you want to apply to the OpsGenie alert (e.g. tag1, tag2, tag3).

    9. Click Test and Save.

Optional Configuration

About Endpoints

If you have not chosen an API instance for your OpsGenie account, it will default to the US. This can be changed to any supported OpsGenie endpoint.

Available Endpoints

  • US: https://api.opsgenie.com

  • EU: https://api.eu.opsgenie.com

  • Test: your test url