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Banner Notifications

Ongoing activities, such as log collection and backup in progress, display a pop up banner notification. Banner notifications display until you click Close, or until the activity associated with the banner completes.

Banner notifications are visible to all users.

Other Notifications

An alarm bell with a red oval is displayed if there are user notifications available. These notifications include direct messages, cases/alarms/investigations, health, and system notifications. Click on the alarm bell to display a list of notifications.


There are four types of notifications available:

Notification Type


Direct Messages

Messages sent directly to you regarding and associated with an open case.

Cases & Alarms, Investigations

Indicate open cases in Cases & Alarms, Investigations.

IPM Health

Visible only to Administrators, indicate that there are open cases in Settings & IPM Health Notifications, which have not been closed. These notifications are often related to integrations and data collection. If there are no IPM Health open cases, or if all the open cases have been closed, there are no notifications.


Notifications related to your IPM system. An email server configuration issue could be an example of a system notification.

Notifications in the Notification Drawer are marked with a severity icon of Info, Warning, or Critical. The severity icon on the notification corresponds to the case with which they are associated. Notifications in the System section might be marked with the blue circular icon, indicating that the associated notification is unread.

Note that the type of notifications displayed depends on the user’s role. Administrators only will see IPM Health and System notifications.

Viewing Notifications

  1. Click the bell icon.

  2. The Notifications Drawer opens. The drawer is divided into four sections: Direct Messages, Cases & Alarms, Investigations, IPM Health, and System. The number associated with each section corresponds to the number of notifications in that section.When you clear a notification the number on the bell goes down.

  3. Click a section of the Notification Drawer to expand the section and view its notifications. Click the section again to close the section.

  4. Drill down on a notification to view more data. The Notifications pane will remain open after navigation. You can move this pane by dragging and dropping it to another location on the screen or close it by clicking on the x in the top right corner of the pane.

  5. Click the three dots in the notification to clear it from the list. You can clear all notifications from a category by clicking the three dots in the notification category header.