Notifications are optional alerts sent to another source (e.g., email, PagerDuty, OpsGenie) when an alert occurs. You will only receive notifications from policies that have a notification(s) configured. While notifications are enabled by default, they will be automatically disabled if they are used in a policy and fail for a period of time.

The Policy Editor

Set up notifications by opening the desired policy in Policy Editor. To enable or disable existing notifications, see below.

  1. In the Policy Editor, under Notifications, click Add Notification.

  2. Select the desired notification type.

  3. Once a type is selected, choose a notification you have set up for the selected type. You can also create a new notification directly from here.

  4. Select how often–between 5 minutes and 24 hours or never–the policy should re-notify you if a policy is creating alerts.

  5. Enable Notify on Clear if you’d like to receive a notification when the policy stops triggering.

  6. Save the policy.

Enable/Disable Notifications

  1. From the user account drop-down menu, select Notifications.

  2. Open the desired notification.

  3. Select (or clear) the Enabled checkbox.

  4. Click Save.