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NFS/SMB Conversation

NFS/SMB conversations are communications between:

  • Source

  • Destination

  • Filesystem

As conversations occur and are discovered by ProbeNAS, the metrics are captured and stored, and the NFS Conversation and SMB Conversation entities are named with an source:destination:filesystem convention. These entities can be modified like any other discovered entity, with a Name, and/or Description.

When you discover NFS or SMB conversations, all of them are displayed, and no filter criteria are applied.

The following child entities are supported for the NASProbe, by manual creation, entity management, or entity import:

  • Applications - NFS Conversation, SMB Conversation

  • Hosts - Source IP Address

  • Storage Arrays - Destination Ethernet Ports

  • Storage Controllers - Destination Ethernet Ports

  • I/O Modules - Destination Ethernet Ports

Alarms based on NAS metrics:

  • Performance

    • Histogram Performance

    • Average Performance

    • Procedure Rate

    • Procedure Limit

  • Errors

    • Link Errors

    • Packet Errors

    • Flow Control