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New Composite Workload

Access the New Menu page to create a new Composite Workload:


Assign a name to the Composite Workload to easily identify this Composite Workload from the list of all Composite Workloads.

Optionally add a description to the Composite Workload that briefly describes the purpose or content of this Composite Workload.

Optionally add one or more Tags to describe this Composite Workload. Tags are searchable in WorkloadWisdom, in addition to the name of the Composite Workload.




Begin by defining the structure and content of the Composite Workload. The structure of a Composite Workload is one or more logical Groups, in which each Group contains one or more Workloads. Use the logical group to better manage the workloads you have defined for the Composite Workload. For example, if you are creating a Composite Workload that simulates a VDI deployment, you can create two Groups, named “Infrastructure” and “Clients”, and then define a set of workloads that simulate the I/O profiles of the VDI Infrastructure operations and a set of workloads that simulate the I/O profiles of the VDI Clients.

Add Group

One default Group is created, and it cannot be deleted. Click the Group name to give the Group a name that is meaningful to you.

Optionally, click Add Group to create a new logical group.