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Network Usage Costs

Network usage costs charged by cloud service providers (CSPs) can be confusing. They can also be some of your most significant cloud costs. It is important to understand the cost of moving workloads or applications to the cloud while other applications remain on-premises. Virtana Migrate Services provides you with total cloud cost for each move group you are considering for migration to the cloud.

Network traffic that occurs between VMs within a move group (in the cloud) is not considered as egress traffic. Nor is traffic from on-premises to the cloud. Traffic from the cloud to on-premises does incur costs, as well as traffic that was originally existing on-premises to public IP endpoints.

CSPs charge for what they consider "egress" traffic. Egress traffic is outbound traffic that leaves the network boundaries of the cloud provider’s data center. Virtana Migrate Services provides the total outbound (egress) network cost of compute devices for a given move group.

The computed network cost reflected in the Workload Placement reports includes network cost leaving the data center only for the list of selected VMs (compute instances) within the move group.

The computed egress is updated for each change you make to a move group topology and is reflected in the new cost calculations for the specified move group.

This means that egress cost for any VM can differ, depending on the communication flow to and from the VM.