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Navigating Virtana Platform

Virtana Platform provides access to several plug-in modules, as well as the administrative Settings for the platform.

Available modules include:

  • Workload Placement

    From this module, you can upload data files from VirtualWisdom, organize resources into move groups, and compare calculated costs for various cloud service providers.

  • Cloud Cost Management

    From this module, you can analyze cloud costs to determine possible saving opportunities and create billing reports that you can download or email.

Administrative Settings include the following:

  • Users

    From here you can add and delete users.

  • Login & Permissions

    From here you can configure SSO.

  • Integrations

    • Cloud Providers

      From here you can integrate cloud instances as data sources in Virtana Platform.

    • Virtana Platform API

      From here you can get the client ID and client secret needed to connect with the Virtana Platform API.

  • Policies

    • Idle Resources

      From here you can view the default idle resources policy.

    • Right Sizing

      From here you can view the default right sizing policy.