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Modifying Composite Workloads

One of the key functionalities of the Composite Workload Editor is to perform a change across multiple workloads at once.


You can use filters to narrow down available workloads to a smaller set.

Use the Protocols Filter to filter workloads based on their protocol type. By default, the Protocols Filter is set to All Protocols.

Use the Name Filter to filter workloads based on their name.


The checkbox Selectors are available at different levels, giving you the ability to select workloads at different granularity. You can select all workloads in the Composite Workload, or all workloads in a Group, or a specific Workload.

The Selector only selects workloads that are available based on the filter settings. If you apply a filter and then use the selector, you might not be selecting all workloads that you intend to select.


Edit Parameters

Once you have selected one or more workloads, you can perform bulk parameter edits across all selected workloads at once.

Load Properties

You can use EditLoad Properties to set a fixed value across all selected workloads.


Scale Load

You can use Scale Load Properties to scale the existing load properties of each workload by a factor or percentage. The parameters you can scale are Load Value, Concurrent Workers, and Duration.