Modifying Change Request Settings


This is currently an early access feature. Contact your Virtana Sales representative if you want to implement change management in your environment.

There are two aspects to modifying change request settings. One aspect relates to modifying the baseline Default Issue Settings selected when you created the change management system (CMS) integration. The other aspect relates to selecting the settings to associate with a new policy.

Part of the CMS integration setup includes selecting default settings for change requests. Optimize imports the fields available in your CMS. You select from those fields when choosing the default settings. The fields available for selection vary with each customer's CMS configuration. You can modify the available default fields at any time by adding items to or deleting items from the integration's Default Issue Settings list.


The fields you select as Default Issue Settings are made available as a section of Optimize policies. Change request settings are included as options in both Idle Resources and Right Sizing policies. When configuring a policy, you can choose to enable or disable the change request feature. If you enable change requests, you then have the option of using the Default Issue Settings or modifying the default fields.

screenshot of Jira change management section of the idle resources policy

There are two places in the UI from which you can configure policies. On the Idle Resources and Right Sizing details tables, available from Cost Saving Opportunities, you can click a policy badge. A policy configuration form displays, from which you can modify the policy. The settings for Change Requests are located on the policy's General Parameters tab.

From Settings>Policies, you can also create or edit a Right Sizing policy.