Migration Analysis

The Migration Analysis analytic is used to prepare data collected by VirtualWisdom for use in Virtana Migrate.  Application and device mappings, and inventory, network, workload and other data is collected and organized into a zip file that can be downloaded from VirtualWisdom.

If you have configured a connection to the Virtana Platform, then the collected and organized data can be sent directly to Virtana Migrate. Migration Analysis makes it possible for you to use the most realistic data possible, collected from your production infrastructure, to complete cloud migration readiness assessments and other digital transformation projects using Virtana Platform.


If you plan to incorporate custom pricing in the Migrate calculations, you must follow the steps below for downloading the migration files. See Adding Custom Pricing for Migration for more information.

Running Migration Analysis

  1. Start by running a new Migration Analysis by clicking the New Analytic or Run New button.

  2. Select the types of data you wish to export.

    There are two options. First, if connectivity to Virtana Platform has not yet been configured, as shown below in the left-hand image, you select which data you want exported: Inventory, Resource Utilization, or NetFlow Conversation data. If connectivity to Virtana Platform has been configured, as shown below in the right-hand image, the form will already be filled out according to the Virtana Platform connection settings.

    NetFlow Conversations include both NetFlow and netstat conversations.


    If you plan to import the data into Virtana Migrate, you must check all three data types. This will be done by default as shown below if you have already configured a connection to Virtana Platform. Uncheck the Send Data Directly to Virtana Migrate (Org) checkbox to be able to select the desired data types.

  3. Select a time range for the export by clicking on the date field.

    The ideal date range for extracting the most granular data (5-minute) is 30 days. The granularity of data extracted for ranges over 30 days will be based on VirtualWisdom's data persistence policy.

  4. Click Prepare Export to start the export process if Virtana Platform connectivity has not yet been configured. Otherwise, click the Send to Virtana Migrate button.

    The process runs in the background. You can choose to be notified when it is complete by checking the Notify me when completed box.


    A message is displayed when the analysis is complete. Two possibilities exist as shown below. The left-hand picture depicts what is displayed when Virtana Platform connectivity is not configured. In this case, click the Download Results button to download the file. The right-hand picture depicts what is displayed when Virtana Platform connectivity is configured. For this case, downloading is optional, as the data has already been pushed to Virtana Migrate.



    After the results of Migration Analysis have been sent to Virtana Migrate, VirtualWisdom will retain the results until Migration Analysis is run again. Once it's run again, the previously stored results data will be overwritten with new data. If you wish to retain a copy of the results data, you should download it for safe keeping.