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Migrating from Brocade BNA to SNMP-SSH Discovery

Follow these guidelines to migrate from Brocade BNA to SNMP-SSH discovery:

  1. Before upgrading IPM, ensure that one successful discovery has been performed on IPM.

  2. Upgrade IPM and perform a successful discovery on the Brocade BNA integration configuration.


If discovery fails or is unsuccessful, contact Virtana Support.

  1. Ensure that there are no duplicate entities in your Brocade BNA integration configuration. If you come across duplicate entities, do not proceed. Contact Virtana Support.

  2. Delete the BNA integration configuration and ensure that all the entities are archived. If there is an error deleting the BNA integration, do not proceed. Contact Virtana Support.

  3. Click new integration configuration and select Seed Switch using SNMP-SSH from the drop-down.

  4. Create the SNMP-SSH configuration using the seed switch IP/Hostname. Provide the appropriate SNMP version and username as using your seed switch SNMP settings.

  5. Verify that all the switches have been discovered in the SNMP Sources tab. If there are any missing switches:

    1. Perform a quick discovery to discover the missing switches.

    2. Add the missing switches using Add switch functionality. Provide the SSH and SNMP credentials to add the missing switches.

    3. Repeat the process until all the switches are discovered.

  6. Configure and subscribe the discovered switches.

  7. Save the configuration and perform a complete successful discovery.

  8. Ensure that the expected entities are created and there are no duplicate entities.