Metrics List

The following tables list the metrics that are discovered by VirtualWisdom for this integration. The metrics list is organized by entity type, according to the order they appear in the metrics selector in VirtualWisdom.


Used Usable Capacity and Used Effective Capacity metrics are not provided by Unisphere 8.x. VirtualWisdom estimates these values using Total Usable Capacity and % Effective Capacity metrics with a +/- 4.2 % margin of error. When Unisphere is upgraded to 9.x or later, the Used Usable Capacity and Used Effective Capacity are collected directly from the storage array.


The metrics list has been removed from this document and placed into a separate guide. This guide is distributed through the Virtana software distribution system (provided through Egnyte). If you do not have an Egnyte account, please contact your Virtana sales representative.