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Manual Application Entity Creation


Application entities are created top-down. Other entity types are created bottom-up, and child entities are created before their parents. If an entity is created before it is populated with children, it shows an empty topology. When you add children to an entity, the metric associated with those children are applied retroactively. This capability is useful for reports and charts because you can see the historical metrics of the child entities after the creation of the parent.

  1. From the Application list in the Inventory module, select New then Application.

  2. Complete the application properties fields.

  3. Select the application components or  conversations that comprise the application.

  4. Choose the entity type.

  5. Select named entities by checking the boxes next to their names. Use the drop down menu to view their properties or topology. Move the selected entities to the right panel using the right arrow button. Click OK when you are satisfied with your selection.