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Log in with SSO

If your administrator has configured SSO between an identity provider (IdP) and Virtana Platform, then all users must log in to Virtana Platform using SSO. When you log in, Virtana Platform verifies your identity and checks with your IdP to authenticate you before providing access to Virtana Platform. SSO can only be used with Virtana Platform accounts that have an appropriate license.

Users must be invited to Virtana Platform by someone who already has administrator privileges on the platform.

When you receive the email invitation from Virtana, you can initiate your first login by clicking the Accept Invitation link in the email. The link takes you to the login page for your SSO IdP (such as Okta). After you log in to the IdP, you are automatically redirected to Virtana Platform.

After your account is created in Virtana Platform, you can log in by pointing your browser to the proper URL. If you are using the Virtana URL, point to If you are using a custom domain or subdomain, point to your custom URL.

If you are already logged in to your SSO provider, you can enter your email address to log in to Virtana Platform. Otherwise, you are redirected to log in to your IdP first.

All user accounts in Virtana Platform are based on email addresses. So you must use your email address to log in to the platform.