Locate the SSO Metadata URL

You must provide the IdP SSO metadata URL when setting up SSO in Virtana Platform. Capturing the URL is part of the process when configuring your SSO provider for the Virtana Platform.

In case you need to locate the metadata URL again, you must log in to your SSO provider and access the Virtana Platform application settings.


Before entering the metadata URL in Virtana Platform, you must have properly configured SSO in your IdP. See Configure Okta as SSO Provider.

In Okta

  1. In the navigation pane, click Applications > Applications.

  2. On the Applications page, select the Virtana Platform app.

  3. Click the Sign On tab.

  4. In the Sign-on methods area, click Identity Provider Metadata under View Setup Instructions.

  5. Make a note of the IdP metadata URL that displays in the browser's URL field.

    You must enter this URL in the Virtana Platform SSO settings form.


    This is not the same as the Identify Provider Single Sign-On URL that is displayed by clicking View Setup Instructions.