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License Types

The Base License and Wisdom Pack Licenses are installed as a Perpetual, Subscription, or Evaluation License type.

  • Perpetual Base

    • Does not expire

    • Full access (Access to version upgrades requires an active Maintenance Contract)

    • Use with Perpetual Wisdom Packs and Evaluation Wisdom Packs

  • Subscription Base

    • Expires at end of paid subscription term

    • Full access (as long as the license is not expired)

    • Use with Subscription Wisdom Packs and Evaluation Wisdom Packs

  • Evaluation Base

    • Expires upon end of agreed evaluation period (typically 30 or 60 days)

    • Full access, with some limits

    • Use with Evaluation Wisdom Packs

A single VW Server can only accept one (1) type of Base License. The base license type determines which wisdom pack license types can be used.