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License Comparison

Depending on the license you are using, certain features may or may not be available, as indicated below. Licenses are based on physical servers or virtual machines. Pro licenses are billed semi-annually or on-demand.

Following is a high-level overview of the differences between the available licenses. For further details about license types, costs, and features, visit Virtana Migrate and Virtana Optimize web pages.

Free Trial License Limits

The Free Trial license restricts access to specific features or limits the number of resources you can work with.

Virtana Platform

  • Allows creation of one organization

  • Provides online support


  • Restricts users to demonstration projects

  • Provides 2 sample project files

    You cannot delete these projects or create new ones.

  • Allows actions to be performed on applications

  • Provides creation of move groups organized by complexity (easy, medium, hard), which cannot be modified

  • Does not allow import or export of content

  • Does not provide for data retention


  • Provides a single cloud integration

  • Limits right-sizing recommendations to the top 25

Professional (Pro) License Additions

The Professional license includes the following features, as compared to the Trial License:

Virtana Platform

  • Allows creation of one organization


  • Allows upload of multiple projects

  • No limit on applications or compute instances (VMs or physical servers)

  • Provides access to all Cost Analysis features


  • Unlimited cloud integrations

  • Unlimited right-sizing recommendations

  • Custom email reports

  • Customizable policies