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License Comparison

There are three Virtana Platform license types available: Pro (paid), Trial (14-day free Pro License), and Free (limited functionality).

The Pro License provides full access to Virtana Platform and is billed semi-annually or on-demand. The Free license provides you access to all platform features for 14 days, with the exception of SSO login. No Technical Support is provided with the Trial, but the Community is available for assistance..

After two weeks, the Trial License expires and you can either upgrade to a Pro License, or be automatically downgraded to a Free License. However, if you continue with the Free License, the feature set available to you is automatically restricted and some features become inaccessible.

Following is a high-level overview of the differences between the available licenses.

Professional Licenses: Pro

The Pro License includes the following features:

Virtana Platform

  • Allows creation of one organization

  • Technical Support and Community assistance available

Cloud Cost Management (formerly Optimize)

  • Unlimited cloud integrations

  • Unlimited right-sizing & idle resource recommendations

  • Custom email reports

  • Customizable policies

  • Change management integrations

  • SSO login configuration

Workload Placement

  • Automatic discovery of resources

  • Dependency mapping

  • Cost analysis

  • Data retention

  • Custom reports

Trial License Limits

The 14-day Trial License provides the following:

  • All functionality and features available with the Pro License, except the following:

    • No Technical Support, only Community assistance

    • No SSO configuration available

    • Only demo data available for Workload Placement

Free License Limits

The Free License (after the 14-day limit) restricts access to specific features or limits the number of resources you can work with.

Virtana Platform

  • Retains access to the organization created under the Trial License.

  • No Technical Support, only Community assistance

Cloud Cost Management (formerly Optimize)

  • Retains the work you did under the Trial License, but with restricted access

  • Provides only a general summary of potential cost savings

  • No right-sizing or idle resource recommendations

  • Cost vs Utilization (CvU) reports only show 7 days of data

  • Emailed reports contain only a high-level view of savings with no details for Cost Saving Opportunities (CSO) and CvU reports

For further details and the most up-to-date information about license types, costs, and features, visit Virtana Workload Placement and Virtana Cloud Cost Management web pages.