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KPI Charts

The typical KPI Charts for all workloads are IOPS, throughput and latency (response time). Three views are available for each KPI Chart: Summary (tabular), Time and Histogram. By default, Summary view is displayed. Click the tabs to access different views.

Summary View

The Summary View provides summary statistics in a tabular format. The Summary View does not provide Time charts or Histogram charts.


Time View

The Time View provides charts that show the value recorded (y-axis) for each time interval (x-axis) recorded, from the beginning of the test.

By default, the granularity of the presentation is summarized every second. As the length of the test run increases, the granularity of the presentation increases to every 15 seconds, and every 60 seconds for very long tests. No data is lost, as data for every second is recorded in the database. The granularity of the display changes automatically, based on the test length. For long tests, you can zoom in to any particular timespan on the chart to see data presented at a finer granularity.


Histogram View

Histogram view plots the distribution of observed values, to show the concentration of the DUT’s performance over the duration of the test. Histogram view is useful for latency measurement.