Kafka Metrics

Due to the sheer volume of Kafka metrics, the individual metrics won’t be documented here. Instead, this page outlines general properties for the groups of metrics.

Properties All Metrics Share:

  • Statistic: average

  • Min: 0

  • CORR: no

  • UTIL: no

  • BASE:

    • On for most metrics

    • Off for metrics matching the following regexes:

      • ^kafka.cluster.*

      • ^kafka\.utils\..*

      • ^kafka\.log\..*(LogEndOffset|LogStartOffset)$

      • ^kafka\.controller\.((?!broker-\d).).*

      • ^kafka\.consumer_group\.((?!consumer_lag$).)*$

Metrics That End With Percent:

  • Unit: percent

  • Max: 1

Metrics With Bytes.*PerSec or Byte-Rate:

  • Unit: Bps (bytes per second)

  • SDS: ReplaceWithZero

Metrics For Units of Time

  • Unit

    • If the metric name ends with Ms.Mean, time-avg, or time-max then the units are ms (milliseconds)

    • If the metric name contains time-ns, then the units are ns(nanoseconds)

    • If the metric name contains time-secs, then the units are seconds

  • SDS: ReplaceWithZero

Other Metrics

  • For metrics matching kafka\.(server|network)\..*Metrics\..*\.Count orkafka.zookeeper.zk_packets.*:

    • Type: COUNTER

  • The Zookeeper has_owner metric:

    • Max: 1

  • All Zookeeper latency metrics (zk_.*latency):

    • Unit: ms (milliseconds)

  • All Zookeeper data size metrics (zk_.*data_size):

    • Unit: bytes