Jenkins is an open source automation server which enables developers around the world to build, test, and deploy their software.

  1. Download the Metricly Plugin File for Jenkins

    1. Go to the Jenkins Metricly Plugin release page.

    2. Download the jenkins-metricly-plugin.hpi file.

  2. Upload . Hpi File to Jenkins

    1. Open Jenkins as an Administrator.

    2. Navigate to Manage Jenkins.

    3. Select Manage Plugins.

    4. Select the Advanced tab.

    5. Under Upload Plugin, select Choose File > jenkins-metricly-plugin.hpi.

    6. Select Upload.

    7. Enable the Restart checkbox.

  3. Edit Global Settings

    1. Navigate to Manage Jenkins.

    2. Select Configure System.

    3. Scroll to Metricly Plugin.

    4. Add the following configuration:

      • Custom API Key: Input your Metricly CUSTOM integration API key Found here.

      • Hostname: Element name for all metrics from this Jenkins installation (default: Jenkins).

      • API Location: Metricly API location (default:

    5. Save.

Advanced Global Settings

You can also configure Job Name Black/Whitelist RegEx from this menu.

  1. Select Advanced.

  2. Complete the following fields:

    • Job Name Whitelist RegEx: Only jobs matching this RegEx submit statistics to CloudWisdom when field is not empty.

    • Job Name Blacklist RegEx: Jobs matching this RegEx do not submit statistics to CloudWisdom — even when they match the whitelist — if included in this field.

  3. Save.