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Iteration Explorer

The Iteration Explorer provides KPI Charts on-demand for a selected set of Iteration Runs.

The Iteration Explorer is only available after an Iteration Suite finishes running. While an Iteration Suite is in the Running state, Iteration Explorer will not contain any data.

The Iteration Explorer contains three sections: KPI Charts, Iteration Parameters & Colors Legend, and Iterations Selection.

KPI Charts

KPI Charts are used to gain insight into the KPI trends of the SUT across a range of changing IO characteristics.

KPI Charts are Bar Charts representation of the KPI Stats defined by the user in the Iteration Suite. For each KPI Stat defined in the Iteration Suite, a KPI Chart is generated. Up to four KPI Charts per row are displayed. If more than four KPI Stats are defined, the KPI Charts will appear on subsequent rows.

The amount of data that appears on the KPI Charts depends on the selections made in the Iterations Selection section of Iteration Explorer.

Iteration Parameters & Colors Legend

For each Iteration Run selected to be included in the KPI Charts, a unique color is selected. This section provides a legend of the color and the Iteration Parameter Values associated with each selected Iteration Run.

Iterations Selection

You must select the following for KPI Charts to show data:

  • One and only one iteration parameter to use as the X-axis.

  • At least one iteration parameter value from each iteration parameter.

  • Click Update Charts after making your selections.

For best results and presentation, use the following guidelines:

  • Use 2~3 KPI Stats and 6 or less Iteration Parameters when defining the Iteration Suite.

  • Keep under 100 total Iterations when defining the Iteration Suite.

  • Select 3~5 Iteration Parameter Values from the Iteration Parameter that is used as the X-axis.

  • Select 32 or fewer Iteration Runs to include in the KPI Charts.

  • Select a common “big impact” Iteration Parameter as the X-axis, such as IO Request Size that typically produces consistently higher IOPS as the IO Request Size decreases. Port Queue Depth is also a good “big impact” Iteration Parameter to use as the X-axis.

When the number of Iteration Parameter Values you select produces more than 32 Iteration Runs to include in the KPI Charts, a message appears next to Update Charts, displaying the total number of Iterations you have selected. As suggested above, keep the number to 32 or less for best displaying results, as there is limited space on each KPI Chart.