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Isilon Conversations

Dell EMC Isilon tracks the Top N clients by user, IP address, Isilon node, and protocol. IPM carries this mapping into our platform, modeled as an Isilon conversation, and provides the ability to report on these conversations in many different ways. The data identified with an Isilon conversation is aggregated up to the originating IP address, originating user, destination node, and destination cluster. It is therefore possible to use advanced filtering to view how each user, node, IP address, etc. leverage each other for their various pro­tocols.

It is important to note that OneFSTM, Isilon’s distributed file system, only reports the Top N clients using each protocol. Therefore, in systems with a lot of clients, it is possible that the Top N conversation metrics do not add up to the totals tracked at each node level.

For information about Dell EMC Isilon and OneFS, see