Iris is a Java library that allows your Java applications to communicate with CloudWisdom’s REST API. You can use Iris to send metrics from your applications to CloudWisdom, create dashboards, tags, elements, and much more.


  1. Include the proper dependency from Maven for the appropriate build manager.

  2. Invoke the REST API client interface in a central location that your various Java classes can access while ensuring you replace username and password with the appropriate values.

    MetriclyElementClient elementClient = new MetriclyElementRestClient
    ("username", "password");
  3. You may now send requests to the CloudWisdom REST API. To read more about our API, find links to explore our API, and test some requests, see the API help section. Links to each file follow where you can find the types of requests you can make and what parameters you can pass in:

Example Requests


elementClient.listElements(new ListElementsRequest()


eventClient.getEvents(new GetEventsRequest()


metricClient.getMetricStatistics(new GetMetricStatisticsRequest()