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IPM User Interface and Navigation

The IPM Management Software’s user interface is a browser-based graphical user interface that is compatible with the most recent version of any of these supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

Native browser capability is supported for navigation:

  • Forward/Back buttons

  • Saved links

  • Browser history

The login screen presents username and password fields and links to the Customer Support Portal and Virtana social media pages.


On first login, a new What's New pop up screen will appear. This describes the new features and screens available. Click "Got it" to close this window. Once dismissed it will no longer show up on login. To see this screen again, click the "User Name" menu and choose "What's New"


Default Integration Dashboard

IPM now enables a default infrastructure dashboard which shows the overall health of the infrastructure, the top applications and its users along with network and storage status. Insights have three predefined templates for the typical compute, storage and network optimizations.

The Analytics required for insights can be easily configured to run every day at 4am UTC


Single click navigation

Each top N view, tabular view, and open case view have a single click action to show the respective entity details


After logging in, links to the different modules are displayed in tabs down the left side of the page. You can use these buttons to return to a previous page after navigation to another module.


Global Search

Global Search Feature can be found in all the Screens on the top bar. It is denoted by a Search icon as shown below


The default entity selected for search is “All entities”. User can also specify to search from a specific entity type by using the entity type list dropdown list which can be invoked using the down arrow icon as shown below


User can specify a partial name of the “entity” name or “tag” for searching the specific entity. Once the matching entities are found it lists the entities as per entity type as shown below


User has to select a individual entity name from the search result to see it's details. If the search matches more than 5 entities then it displays a “See all results” link. Once clicked on that link it would list all the matching entities as shown below


Clicking on the down arrow next to the username, or on the username itself, provides access to common functions across the UI, for example, Preferences, User Guide, Configuration Guide, and About.


To access the IPM User Guide, click More, then the Help button, or the Help button, to open a new browser window to display the User Guide in PDF format.


You can use the breadcrumb navigation to easily return to a previous screen.