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IPM Integration User Guides

Virtana IPM offers full stack integrations that start with enterprise storage arrays and include network, virtualization, servers or VMs, hyper-converged infrastructure, and cloud-based compute.

The data sets supplied by these integrations drive application-centric intelligent infrastructure discovery and topology mapping, proactive capacity management, workload optimization, as well as rapid root-cause identification and remediation.

Enterprise Storage and SAN

IPM monitors enterprise storage and vSAN environments at the highest possible frequency and with long operational baselines and includes storage port wire-data than enables fast root-cause analysis and capacity insights that simply aren’t visible to other solutions. Applications using IPM with their storage environments have higher uptime, lower operational costs, and are better at keeping SLA commitments.

Virtual Environments

Built with specific support for the hybrid mission-critical applications that depend upon virtualized environments, IPM applies AIOps level analytics at every level against internal infrastructure and external application elements.

Cluster, hypervisor and VM level data sets with extended historical viewpoints enable full cluster, host and VM level optimization. While IPM's unique ability to automatically tier and relate applications results in better outcomes, resource utilization and reduced operating costs.