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IPM Incidents in ServiceNow

When a IPM Health Notification is opened, an incident is created in ServiceNow. When the incident is closed in ServiceNow, the VirtualWisdom Health Notification is not closed.

When IPM clears a health alert, the corresponding ServiceNow incident state is changed to closed. Health Notifications cannot be closed by a user, but they are cleared by the system when it detects that the issue no longer persists.

Table 36. ServiceNow/IPM Parameter Comparison

ServiceNow Parameters

IPM Parameters



IPM, Device Name, Failed Part

Set the short description to: IPM-<Device Name>-<Failed Part>




1 - Critical

2 - High

3 - Moderate

4 - Low

5 - Nondisruptive

IPM equivalent:

FATAL (Critical)

WARNING (Moderate)

INFO (Nondisruptive)



Case ID

Case Name

Case Description

Case Type

Device Name

Failed Part

Additional Details

Threshold Values

Open Time

The details of the case are stored in the description.