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IPM 7.2 User Guide


Updated for Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management 7.2.x releases


Our customers leverage Virtana's expertise and experience to bring greater visibility and faster resolution of data center and network-related issues. To enable this success, we offer the IPM infrastructure monitoring and AI-powered analytics platform to solve for some of the IT industry's most challenging problems.

Here are four important value areas where IPM provides significant value. We call these our “value pillars” and our training and operationalization activities are designed to help you use IPM to address each of these areas.


IPM shows you how your infrastructure services are supporting your application services and ensures that your infrastructure meets your application service level agreements.


IPM enables you to solve performance and availability problems across their hybrid infrastructure quickly and easily by using a streamlined workflow powered by analytics.


IPM helps you ensure that your application workloads are optimally balanced across your infrastructure.


IPM can forecast and manage your capacity requirements across of all your infrastructure.