Inviting Users to an Organization

The Users tab is accessed from the Settings sprocket on the title bar.

You must have administrator privileges to access any of the functionality under Settings.

You should note the following when creating or modifying a user account.

  • Users are based on email addresses. When inviting users, you can enter one or multiple email addresses, which can be typed in or pasted in the new user field.

  • Addresses must be space-delimited. Using a return, comma, semicolon, or other non-alphabetic character after an email address results in the address being removed from the new user field.

  • Any incomplete or duplicated email addresses are rejected and will not display in the new user field.

  • If you try to invite a user who already exists, a message indicates that the existing user will be skipped. However, that user's email address remains in the list of addresses in the new user field.

  • Addresses to which emails will be sent are highlighted in green and display an email icon. Addresses that already exist as users in Virtana are highlighted in gray and have a checkmark icon.

  • When a user address is submitted, an email invitation is sent to the user from Virtana. The email includes a link that opens Virtana Platform and requests confirmation that the invitation is accepted.

  • When a user is invited to Virtana Platform, the username is added to the User List with a status of Pending. When the user accepts the invitation and successfully logs into Virtana Platform, the account becomes active.

  • From the User List, you can identify the role assigned to any user account.