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Introducing VW Virtual Editions

The VirtualWisdom (VW) Virtual Editions consist of an Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) file that contains essentially the same software stack that comes pre-loaded on a VW Platform Appliance. These OVA files are meant to be deployed in your VMware environment as virtual machines.

The VW Virtual Editions are available as either

  1. A single-node deployment (classic Virtual Edition) or

  2. Distributed Virtual Edition, a multi-node deployment, which, when installed and configured, forms a three-node cluster consisting of one management node and two worker nodes.

    The management node hosts configuration information and the VW web-based user interface. The two worker nodes support metrics and graph operations and are generally inaccessible to customers.

    The Distributed Virtual Edition is meant to serve as a replacement for VW Platform Appliance 4210 deployments.

This guide tells you how to get started using the VW Virtual Editions. Each edition, single- and multi-node, will be discussed in turn in subsequent sections. For general information regarding VW, see the VirtualWisdom Administration and User Guides.