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Installation Prerequisites

  • IPM 6.8.3 or later must have been properly installed and configured.

  • You must have purchased and have available for upload a IPM Wisdom Pack license that supports Operating System monitoring.

  • A supported version of Windows must have been properly installed and configured. Refer to the Interoperability section for supported versions.

  • Windows Remote Management (WinRM) must be properly configured.

  • The Windows hosts must have been properly configured for monitoring. Refer to the Configuring the Windows Host(s) for Monitoring section for more information.

  • For access to the Windows host, note the following:

    • You must have available a WinRM user and login credentials to the OS host.

      The user must have a minimum of read-only privileges.

    • An appropriate port must be available. If using WinRM over HTTPS, set the port to 5986.

      See "External Port Usage" in the Release Notes for port details.

    • Supported transport methods for host credentials are Basic and NTLM (default).

  • If using HTTPS, note the following:

    • A certificate must be available for upload. There's an option to ignore errors from self-signed certificates.

    • If you are using an IP address for connection to the host but the certificate uses the domain name, you need to provide a Transport Layer Security (TLS) name.

  • There's a checkbox called Collect Netstat Data that is checked by default. Uncheck to disable the collection of IP conversations. IP conversations are typically only required when you are planning to use IPM data with Virtana Migrate, so disabling their collection is recommended if Virtana Migrate will not be used.