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Installation Prerequisites

  • IPM 6.3.0 or later must be installed.

  • You must have purchased a IPM Wisdom Pack license that supports Virtualization monitoring.

  • KVM containers with libvirt version 1.2.0 or later must be properly installed and configured on a Linux host.

  • Have available the username and password for SSH access to the KVM host.

    In most cases, the user must be included in the libvirt user group on the virtualization host. For further details, see SSH setup information for libvirt.

  • Ensure a port is available for SSH access.

    Port 22 is used by default and is not configurable.

  • Ensure that your environment protocols are properly configured.

    You can use the virsh CLI utility, which interacts with virtual machines, to ensure you can access information from the KVM. For example, # virsh list --all should display a list all configured guests. Information about the virsh utility can be found at