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Install the Integration

Use the IPM Software Upgrade task on the Settings tab to upload the integration installation file to the IPM Platform Appliance. The integration update is nondisruptive and logged-in user sessions are updated automatically.

Important: Before starting an update:

  • Ensure you have a successful IPM backup completed 1-2 days before you start the update process. Do not attempt to upload an update image on to the appliance until backup is complete.

  • Ensure that no software integration discoveries are running or are scheduled to start during the update. It is best to suspend schedules for discoveries until the update is complete.

  • Ensure that no scheduled backup will start during, or within 24 hours of, the update process. Backups taken within 24 hours of an appliance update will fail because of post-processing. It is recommended to suspend the backup schedule before starting an update, and then re-enable it 24 hours after the update completes, after which you should create a new backup as soon as possible.

About This Task

Uploading the installation file does not install the integration in IPM. The file is uploaded to a staging area in the Appliance. After the file has been uploaded and validated, you can apply the update.


  1. From the Settings screen, click Software Upgrade.


    The Software Upgrade screen displays.

  2. Use the Browse button to select the .upd file and click Upload.

  3. To apply the update, click the Update button.

    A message briefly displays the name and version of the integration being installed. When finished, a message displays "Installation succeeded" and shows the version of IPM.

  4. Navigate to Settings > Integrations to verify that the integration is installed and running.

    The integration you installed displays in a panel on the Integrations page.


    New integrations show (0) configured instances.

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