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In-cloud Costs

The following rules are applied in the calculation of in-cloud VM cost.

  • Compute costs are determined by first mapping the VM to a best-fit cloud instance, based on CPU and memory usage.

  • After a Cloud instance has been determined, Virtana Migrate Services then determines if the instance can support the required storage capacity. If not, it is remapped to a different instance that can support the required storage capacity.

  • VMS will find an equivalent managed disk for each disk attached to the virtual machine. For example, in VMware vDisks are attached to virtual machines. If a VM has 8 vDisks attached to it, then VMS will attempt to find the equivalent 8 AWS EBS or Azure managed disks that can meet the throughput, IOPS, and capacity for each disk.

  • VMS will report “Pass” and the type of disk and “fail” if it could not find a CSP’s disk that can match the original on-premises performance specifications.

  • Mapped storage is standard EBS or equivalent as described below:

    • AWS: EBS General Purpose SSD (gp3)

    • Azure: Managed Disk Standard SSD