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Importing an Entity File

You must have created either a JSON file with a ".json" extension or a ZIP file containing two CSV files, mapping.csv and another file containing the entity information for the type of import you intend to perform.

  1. From the Settings screen, click Entity Import under Entity Creation Utilities.

  2. Click Browse and select the file that you want to import.

  3. Click Upload & Validate. The file will be evaluated to ensure that it conforms to the required specifications.

    If errors are found while validating the contents of the file, a warning displays. Some errors still allow you to proceed with the import, but only validated entries are imported.

    If there are no errors in the file, a message displays stating that the file was validated and the number of valid entities will be displayed.

  4. Click Import.

    The import process runs in the background. The amount of time that the import takes depends on the number of entities being imported. During this time, you can navigate to other parts of the interface or log out of the IPM UI.

When import is complete, view the imported entities from the Inventory tab.