Idle Resources Policy Parameters

These policy settings impact the output of your Idle Resources reports. You can modify the Default policy parameters to customize report output.

You must have administrator privileges to modify a policy.

Idle Resources Constraint Settings


  • Entity Type

    Identifies the following entity types: AWS Unattached EBS, Idle ELB, EBS on Stopped EC2, Idle Elastic IP (EIP) and Unattached Azure Disk.

  • Report as idle after

    • Enter a numerical value for the days.

    • Enable or disable "Include when idle period is unknown".

      This option is useful for circumstances when an idle period is not definitively known. This could include when a native tool such as AWS CloudTrail is disabled, or when information about the resource has not been collected for as long as the "Report as idle after" period setting in Optimize.

      When this option is enabled, Optimize reports on all resources known to be idle for greater than or equal to the idle period setting, as well as resources for which idle time is less than the idle period setting. For example, if you have 5 Unattached Azure Disks and the idle period is set to 10 days, but data has been collected by Virtana Platform for 7 days, the report will display results for all 5 disks. The results will indicate when data is based on estimated time rather than exact time.

      If the option is disabled, the report will include only resources that have idle times greater than or equal to the idle period setting. So, using the above example, only 4 disks would be included in the results.

  • If monthly cost is greater than

    • Enter a numerical value in US dollars to limit the results to only entity types with a monthly cost greater than the amount entered.

Image of Idle Resource Constraints options