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How Reseller Billing is Calculated

In reseller billing calculations, Virtana Platform considers ALL costs, such as costs for reserved and on-demand compute (EC2, etc.), data transfer, EBS, SQL server, RDS, S3, etc.

The following example image from Virtana Platform shows a Cost Summary Report for an AWS instance. The Before Markup Total Cost represents the total cost for EC2 reserved and on-demand, data transfer, SQL Server, Other, RDS, and S3 costs. The After Markup Total Cost represents the total cost for EC2 on-demand, data transfer, SQL server, Other, RDS and S3 costs, without reserved compute costs.

The Margin, $ column represents the difference between the two “Total Cost” figures. The Margin, % column reflects the difference as a percentage.


For a reseller's purposes, the Before Markup Total Cost represents what the reseller is paying to the cloud provider, and the After Markup Total Cost is what the customer is paying to the reseller.

From the Mark Up Rules tab, you can modify the rules you want to apply for discounts.

Examples of the Customer Preferences slideout showing the Default Passthrough Rules on the Reservations Passthrough tab


The cost summary is computed once daily. Newly configured or modified rules are applied at the next daily computation, while right-sizing results are updated with the next weekly run.

Also, values are based on the current month, and display data for the previous day. Therefore, there will not be data for the first day of the month, until the second day.

Example 3. Example of calculating a specific cost category

Let's say you wanted to calculate only for Compute Spend for an AWS EC2 service, and not for all the other costs. Using the Before Markup Total Cost from the above example image, assume the Virtana report shows $12863.7029, which includes the reserved and on-demand compute spend and the SQL+ costs (SQL plus Other, Data Transfer, RDS, and S3 categories combined) of $3146.27.


Subtracting the total SQL+ cost from the total Virtana Platform (VP) cost results in the cost of just your compute spend, as follows:

VP cost minus SQL+ cost equals Compute Spend


$12863.70 - $3146.27 = $9717.43.