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How Metric Collections Works

Metric collection occurs at the same time and with same collection interval as discovery.


Metrics are collected with frequency set by user on configuration screens. Recommended initial collection time is 10 minutes.


The granularity of the data is based on the a specific metric setup in Hitachi RAID configuration. Some performance metrics have granularity of 1 minute, some 5, 10 minutes, some are even higher. Please refer to your Hitachi RAID configuration for more details.


Depending on lab configuration and user choice we query performance data from two different sources:

  • Storage systems monitored with OPS Center - Ops Center Analyzer REST API is used to query for performance metrics.

  • Storage systems monitored with Hitachi Command Suite - Tuning Manager REST API is used to query for performance data.

For details about how metrics are collected for your storage system please refer to Hitachi documentation. Especially these two documents are useful in explaining possible lab deployments:



Hitachi VSP integration is collecting performance data from the following categories

  • RAID_PI_CLPS - Cache metrics

  • RAID_PI_PRCS - Processor metrics

  • RAID_PI_LDS - LDEV metrics

  • RAID_PI_RGS - Parity Group metrics

  • RAID_PI_PLS - Storage Pool metrics

  • RAID_PI_PTS - Port metrics

The complete list of metrics for this integration is available in a separate guide.