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How Metric Collections Works

Metrics are collected via the XMS Server REST APIs. The poll interval defined in IPM defines the rate at which the translator should request data. It can be set from 1 minute for small environments and increased up to 1 hour for larger environments. By default the data is requested at 1 minute granularity regardless of the selected poll interval. The XtremIO collects and aggregates its own data and therefore can have a delay from the currnet time and time that data is made available for querying. For this reason an elastic querying mechanism is used for data collection. At the first run, it will query data for up-to 10 minutes in the past and then cache the latest timestamp. In the next interval the cached timestamp will be used as a start time and all data up to the current time will be queried. The most recently available timestamp will again be cached for the next collection cycle. The query mechanism will look at most 1 hour in the past. If the last seen time stamp exceeds 1 hour then the collection will reset and start looking at the last 10 minutes as it does on first run.

The complete list of metrics for this integration is available in a separate guide.