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How Discovery Works

Every collection interval the inventory of the UCS Manager is collected, along with the statistics for the metrics being reported. This is performed using the Cisco UCS XML APIs, which by default are performed over TCP port 443 with SSL encryption. The collection interval is specified in the IPM Cisco UCS integration configuration. UCSM itself has five functional areas that can have different settings for statistics collection: chassis, server, adapter, port, and FEX (IOM). These collection intervals are configured from UCSM (“Modify Collection Policy”), and can be set to any of the following values:

  • 30 seconds

  • 1 minute

  • 2 minutes

  • 5 minutes

UCSM will only update statistics at these intervals, therefore IPM will only be able receive updated metrics at these intervals. For example, if the UCS collection policy for adapters is configured for five minutes but IPM is configured to poll UCS every one minute metrics will only be updated every five minutes. The steps to configure the UCS Manager Collection Intervals are as follows:

  • In the UCS Manager Navigation pane, click the Admin tab.

  • In the Admin tab, expand All > Stats Management > Stats.

  • Right-click the first policy (“Collection Policy Chassis”) and select “Modify Collection Policy”.

  • In the “Modify Collection Policy” dialog box, set the Collection Interval to match the Poll Interval configured in the Cisco UCS integration in IPM.

  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the remaining four policies.

The following UCS Collection Policies are currently used:

  • Chassis

  • Port

  • Server

The timestamps reported to IPM are the timestamps provided by IPM when it scheduled the discover/metric collection, and not necessarily the timestamp of when UCS internally performed the statistics collection.