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Hotspot Workloads

The FC and iSCSI hotspot workloads are based on the corresponding constant workloads. The hotspot workload adds the ability to specify multiple read and write locations that are accessed.


Each location is accessed the same amount. The same region can be entered more than once, and the locations can overlap. This makes it possible to create hotspot regions within the LUNs. Additionally, the regions move and grow (or shrink) over the duration of the test.

The default example simulates a LUN that 20% of the traffic will initially be to the first 80% of the LUN but will move over the duration of the test to include the first 85% of the test. Another 80% of the access will be initially from 80%-82% of the LUN but then grow and move to 85%-90% of the LUN. This simulates LUN growth with 80% of the activity to the growing region of the LUN. In addition, for the Write portion of the activity, the data content can be specified for the region.

You can export and import the setting for ease of configuration. Use care when importing data as little validation is done when importing. You also should be sure that to the data content matches the required format.