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Hardware Diagnostics

You can view hardware diagnostic information from the HW Diagnostics screen. The statistics on this screen do not automatically refresh. To refresh the statistics, click the circling arrow refresh button.

You can use the information on this screen to diagnose issues with the probe, such as connectivity or dirty cables.

  1. From the Settings screen, click HW Diagnostics in the Probes and Integrations group.

    The HW Diagnostics screen is displayed, including the time the page was loaded

  2. Click the options menu (horizontal bars) to display two choices: Columns and Export.

    Columns displays a list of possible column headings for the HW Diagnostics grid.

    Select or deselect the columns that you want displayed in the grid. The definitions for these columns are identical to the metric descriptions. Probe Name and Port are the only required column headings.

  3. Hover on Export to display two options: Export Data as CSV or Export Data to Clipboard.

    Data as CSV saves to a CSV file. Data to Clipboard saves to clipboard.

  4. Click Settings to return to the Settings page.

The Clear Diagnostics button clears information for a selected probe. If no probe is selected, it clears the entire grid.